When married parents separate, a divorce decree will address all child custody issues. When unmarried parents separate, an Order Suit Affecting Parent-Child Relationship will address all child custody issues.

The four major categories in an order involving children are conservatorship (primary, non-primary), possession and access (visitation), child support, and health insurance.

It is not uncommon for orders involving children to become unworkable or inappropriate. When there is a significant change in either parent’s circumstances or the child’s circumstances, it might be appropriate to file a modification.

Some of the most common reasons for a modification are as follows:

  • Change in income (increase or decrease child support)
  • Possession and access (one parent would like more visitation with a child who is much older than when the original order was entered or a parent would like to limit another parent’s visitation with the child because of aggravating factors)
  • Conservatorship (the non-primary parent would like for the court to consider making them the primary)

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